Wichita property is in full bloom at Botanica Wichita. Here thousands of species of plants blend together with vibrant color on over 15 acres. Open year round locals get inspired from a variety of plants sustainable in south-central Kansas.

Soothings sounds of a waterfall welcome all to the Garden on the Rocks. Layers of rocks and stones are filled with perennials, annuals, and shrubs. Flowers add sparks of color between the stones. The Shakespeare Garden mimics a country garden often seen during the Victorian period. This picturesque setting is known to inspire romantic declarations and spontaneous moments.

Butterflies Flitter And Flutter By Wichita Homes

The delicate beauty of the butterfly is showcased in two locations. Flora and fauna that attract these sweet winged creatures are highlighted in the Butterfly Garden. Viewing is best during the summer and fall months. In June through September education is paramount in the Butterfly House. Within its walls a netted area is set for observation of 50 species of butterflies. Here visitors can view the awesome lifecycle of the butterfly in action.

Those wild about wildflowers get their fill on this Wichita property. In the Cissy Wise Wildflower Meadow they are a sight to behold. Benches provide comfortable seating to meditate amongst the blooms. Guests of the garden often feel as if they are strolling through an enchanted forest in the Woodland Walk. Layered plants and shady trees create a safe haven for an array of wildlife making this their Wichita home.