Clearwater Real Estate Is Big On Charm

Those living in Clearwater real estate enjoy life in a safe and clean small town located just southwest of Wichita. This has become known as a wonderful place to raise a family and the town enjoys a very community oriented way of life. Many who live here love how easy it is to get to Wichita, but also the fact that Clearwater is surrounded by farmland and off the beaten path. It really gives the best of both worlds. Find many amenities right in Clearwater, including healthcare, dentistry, chiropractic care, a pharmacy, auto shop, and place to get a haircut. Also find florists, a Duckwalls, and several other shops. Grab a bite to eat at Casey’s Carryout Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut, Armando’s Mexican Grill, or Walt’s Restaurant. Spend some time at the Clearwater Public Library. Find some books or movies to take back to your Clearwater real estate and also watch the calendar for programs and events.

Friends From Clearwater Homes Frolic And Play

The Clearwater Kansas Recreation Commission has much to offer those who call Clearwater home. There is a very long list of available sports, recreation opportunities, programs, and classes. Sign your kids up for basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, swim team, golf, wrestling, summer camps and much more. This is a great way to make friends and gain confidence. Adults can also look for water aerobics, weightlifting, karate, bowhunting, and a saddle club. Many classes are also available in topics such as photography and dog obedience.

Families come together at Clearwater City Park and at many events hosted throughout the year. Enjoy a picnic, let the kids run around on the fun playground, or consider it as a location to host a birthday party. Sign up for the Father Daughter Dance, come for the Easter Bunny’s Candy Scramble, consider going to the Mother and Daughter Camp Out, watch a movie in the park, enjoy a ballet performance, and watch for many other events throughout the year. One of the best parts of Clearwater is that when you come for these events, you see people you know and it really enhances the community.


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