Maize Homes Make Families Smile

Maize, Kansas is a small town with a big commitment to being community oriented. Its namesake is the Native American term for corn, which is by far the most predominant crop in the rural area surrounding Maize homes.

In the heart of Maize resides a more than five acre park that is perfect for birthday parties, a fun day outside, or a sunset picnic. It features a new playground, picnic areas and tables, baseball diamond, a skateboard park, and a community building that is available to rent for many different types of events. Residents of Maize real estate enjoy this park immensely because of the many options they have when they bring their families. Each October, there is a Fall Festival that includes food booths, games, and carnival rides.

Small Town Eateries Fill Maize Real Estate

Although Maize has many chain restaurants that you could find in a bigger city, what really makes the food special is the delicious locally owned eateries. These places are the kind of place you go in, take a seat, and wait for them to bring you your usual. Nancy’s A-Maize-N Sandwiches is a prime example of one of these restaurants. Well known for their unique combinations of sandwich toppings, Nancy’s is a local favorite of Maize home owners.

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