The Sun Brightly Shines On Park City Real Estate 

Just outside of Wichita, Park City, Kansas is a town that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who spends time there - whether they are a Park City home owner or a visitor. This is the meaning of their motto, which is “For a day, a week, a lifetime.”

Stroll About Town Near Park City Homes

Park City was not messing around when it was named Park City. The town features six large, well kept parks and a biking/walking trail available for residents of Park City homes. These are called McLean Park, Jardine Memorial Park, Prairie Wind Park, Poston Park, Habiger Park, Primrose Park, and Osage Trail. These parks have a wide amount of amenities, such as tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, fields, playgrounds, places to picnic, skate park, baseball diamonds, roller rinks, pavilions, horseshoe courts, walking paths, and a fishing pond. To learn more about these parks, click here.

A big landmark to all Park City real estate owners is the Hartman Arena. This unique theater has been the host of many different types of shows, from comedy to rock and roll. This arena has 6,500 seats and is specifically and acoustically designed to ensure that there is not any bad seats anywhere in the entire venue. Click here to learn more information.

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